Watch: Better Research Through Better Data Live with the Health Research Board, Ireland (HRB)

Annalisa Montesanti, Programme Manager – Health Research Careers, HRB

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Discover the benefits of sharing research data, and how the HRB can help you. Watch this Better Research Through Better Data Live recording to find out:

  • Who does the HRB aim to help?
  • What does the HRB do to help researchers manage and share their data?
  • What is the HRB doing to support research on COVID-19?
  • What next for the HRB with regard to research data?

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About the speaker

Annalisa Montesanti is a Programme Manager at the Research Strategy and Funding, Health Research Board (HRB), Ireland. Annalisa joined the HRB in 2005 and she has been involved in managing several schemes, such as investigator led project and programmes and career development schemes and European and other collaborative initiatives. In the last five years she has led the developing of the framework aimed to develop and effectively deliver a coordinated approach to building capacity and capability in health research in Ireland. Annalisa is also deeply involved in promoting and implement the principles of open science, DORA, open and FAIR data and data sharing and she is co-leading the implementation of the FAIR research data management and stewardship for HRB funded health research at national level and with close collaborations internationally. Annalisa had also many years of experience in scientific research and has worked in Italy, England and Ireland. She has a BSc from Palermo University in Italy and a PhD in cancer biology from the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford, UK.

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