Xiaowen Shi

Principal Investigator, Zhejiang University
  • China

About Xiaowen Shi

I am a Principal Investigator in the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology at Zhejiang University, China. I was previously a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. James A. Birchler at the University of Missouri, where my research focuses on understanding the mechanism of genome imbalance induced by aneuploidy in Arabidopsis and maize. I received my Ph.D. in genetics from Cornell University, where I studied how C-to-U RNA editing operates in chloroplasts and mitochondria in Arabidopsis under the mentorship of Dr. Maureen R. Hanson. Before that, I earned a B.S. degree in biological sciences from Zhejiang University, China. My current research interests focus on understanding the function of crop chromosomes, the mechanism of genome imbalance induced by aneuploidy, and transcription factor regulatory networks through both bioinformatics and experimental biology.

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