Antica Culina

Senior researchers, Ruder Boskovic Institute
  • Croatia

About Antica Culina

My expertise covers evolutionary ecology of bonding, life-history trade offs, evidence synthesis, and data and code standards. I strive to apply my knowledge of different modelling approaches and Open Science to study and optimize scientific process itself - called meta-science and to enable ecological research to reach its full potential.

Areas of Expertise

Data Management Other Research

Subject Areas

Biological sciences Multidisciplinary

Intro Content

Navigating the Open Data landscape in Ecology and Evolution – lets make it work

Did you know that lot of Ecological and Evolutionary data lay scattered around many different repositories, and are (mostly) free to use? Or maybe you find it difficult to locate research data that could support your work? The good news is that we can now help you (and you can help us)! But, let’s start at the beginning of the story.


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