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Why A Meta – Analysis Is Performed in Evidence Based Research?

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Pubrica on Apr 24, 2019 • 1 answer
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Meta-analysis provides a quantitative summary of the evidence, assessing whether there is an overall effect of an intervention when sampling variance is taken into account, and evaluating the influence of covariates (moderators) on the outcome. There are basic books (see Bookstein et ... Read more »
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Jessica Gurevitch on Apr 25, 2019
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Population increase and land resources, at what point can a positive relationship established

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Nwafor Ifeanyichukwu Valentine on Feb 22, 2019 • 1 answer
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Hello Nwafor, thank you for posting your question. Could you please add a bit more detail so that community members can better understand what you are asking and may be able to he... Read more »
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Grace Baynes on Feb 22, 2019
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