Open Data Day 2021 - celebrating the stories behind the data

This Saturday 6 March is Open Data Day. To celebrate, we’ve gathered the top posts from the last year that tell the stories behind Scientific Data papers.
Open Data Day 2021 - celebrating the stories behind the data

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Top Behind the Paper posts from the last year

From COVID-19 to volcanoes, explore these researchers’ fascinating stories behind the paper. 

COVIDiSTRESS: One of the world's largest consortia of researchers for investigating psychological, social, and behavioral consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic - Yuki Yamada and colleagues on a large-scale collaboration and its outcomes. 

Behind the scenes of the massive COVID-19 case report dataset – lessons from the unreadiness of artificial intelligence - Xiaofan Liu shares the story behind a massive line-list data containing 14k+ COVID-19 cases with their detailed mobility and epidemiological information.

Rooting satellite observations on the Tibetan Plateau - Bob Su on the magic and mystery of the Tibetan plateau. 

150 Million years of large magnitude explosive volcanism - Sue Mahony on creating a history of explosive volcanism since the time dinosaurs walked the earth.

Creating a global dataset of standardised ocean wave parameters for climate change investigations - Claire Trenham on constructing a dataset to enable accurate comparison between wave climate projections.

The Ins and Out of the Ontario Climate Change Data Portal - Huaiping Zhu on a data portal that provides robust climate change projections.

A database for geochemical fingerprints of artefacts - Aymeric Hermann on a comprehensive database that facilitates new insights into ancient trade and long-distance voyaging.

The beauty of the Scandinavian landscape - Lene Jung Kjær on a large collaboration between Denmark, Norway and Sweden, focusing on ticks and tick-borne disease in Scandinavia.

A synthesis of bacterial and archaeal phenotypic trait data - Daniel A Nielsen on open-access code that merges 26 data sources, reconciles conflicting data and condenses multiple records into a single record per species.

The Individual Brain Charting project - Ana Luísa Pinho on a high-resolution, task-fMRI dataset for a comprehensive cognitive mapping of the human brain.

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Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash