About the Cuban Human Brain Mapping Project (CHBMP)

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We explain the background of https://rdcu.be/ceOYo. This is the MRI, EEG, and clinical data from the second wave of the CHBMP, now  openly available. The first wave data (only EEG cross-spectra) was also published (Frontiers in neuroscience. 2020;14). With a long history of modeling and close work with the Public Health, the Cuban Brain Mapping community overcame limitations in resources due to equipment unavailability. We countered this obstacle by an effective integration with the family doctors. We hope with the publication of this data and its hosting on the Canadian Open Neuroinformatics Platform in LORS) to achieve comparions with similar international databases, with emphasis in underepresented regionso  f the world. As part of the Cuba-China-Canada Project and the Global Braain Consoritum, we wish to inegrate clinical and multimodal neuroimaging data. The inclusion of EEG is intentded to develop bridges between more sophisticated brain imaging technologies and less expensive ones. We thus hope to foster technologies for use in all economic settings. 

Pedro A. valdes-Sosa

Director Joint China-Cuba Laboratory for Neurotechnology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China