Update on the Research Symbiont Awards

We are proud to announce the 3rd Annual Research Symbiont Awards, which recognize excellence in data sharing.
Update on the Research Symbiont Awards

The Research Symbiont Awards will be presented in early January 2020 at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing on the Big Island of Hawaii.

A new blog post describes the rationale for the awards, and a post from earlier this year provides some additional information about ‘The Symbionts.’

‘The Symbionts’

The Research Symbiont Awards are an annual pair of awards.

The General Symbiosis award is given to someone who has sustained exemplary data sharing efforts over a period of time. The Early Career Clinical Research Symbiont Award goes to a relatively new researcher who is working in the field of human health.

In addition to making it possible to recognize the award winners at the awards ceremony

Here are the prior winners of the Research Symbiont Awards, and examples of their data sharing:

Award Year

General Symbiosis Award

Early Career Research Symbiosis Award


Example of sharing

Example of sharing

January 2018

Dr. S.K. Morgan Ernest


Dr. Fabio Zanini


January 2019

Dr. Leonardo Collado-Torres


Dr. Benj. Mako Hill


January 2020

To be decided!

Exciting Batch of Nominees

Again this year, we have been astonished at what the nominees have achieved in terms of sharing research data. The entries cover a wide spectrum of fields and types of research, and the competition is tough. The winners who emerge will truly deserve recognition!

A diverse panel is judging the entries:

  • Amanda Haddock, DragonMaster Foundation 
  • Dr. Rebecca Riggins, Georgetown University 
  • Dr. Fabio Zanini, PhD, (a 2018 winner), University of New South Wales
  • Dr. Leonardo Collado-Torres, PhD, (a 2019 winner), Lieber Institute for Brain Development

And finally, I serve as Chair of the committee

We are grateful to Springer Nature and the DragonMaster Foundation for providing support for the awards, which help us make it possible for winners to attend the awards ceremony at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB). And we thank PSB for hosting the awards!

Poster image: http://lccn.loc.gov/50041709 [Public domain]

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