Meet the presenters of the #SciData19 lightning talks

Seven data sharing stories, in seven minutes or less - meet this year's Better Science through Better Data lightning talk presenters.
Meet the presenters of the #SciData19 lightning talks

Barbara McGilllivray

Lightning talk: The citation advantage of linking publications to research data

Bio: I’m a research fellow at the University of Cambridge and at The Alan Turing Institute. Before joining the Turing and Cambridge I worked in the Dictionaries division of Oxford University Press and in the Open Research Group of Springer Nature. My talk is about how having a statement about the availability of the data behind a scientific study affects the citations of the article.

Leo Lahti

Talk: Bibliographic Data Science: Open Ecosystems for Scalable Collaboration

Bio: Leo Lahti is Associate Professor in data science, director of the Center For Computational Humanities in University of Turku, Finland, and founding member of Helsinki Computational History group. After obtaining his PhD in statistical machine learning and bioinformatics at Aalto University in 2010, he has conducted data-intensive research in areas ranging from machine learning and molecular life sciences to computational 

Yasemin Turkyilmaz-van der Velden

Talk: Reproducible Research - Why and How?

Bio: Yasemin Turkyilmaz-van der Velden works as the Data Steward at the TU Delft Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering. She obtained her MSc degree at Radboud University Nijmegen from the program ‘Molecular Mechanisms of Disease’. Then, she did her PhD at the Molecular Genetics Department of Erasmus MC Rotterdam where she studied UV-induced DNA damage repair using proteomics and live cell imaging approaches. During her academic journey, she daily managed data during acquisition, analysis, and publication stages and therefore she has a good understanding of researchers’ perspective and experiences about data management. As a Data Steward, she provides customized and discipline-specific data management support to researchers at every stage of the research lifecycle, with the eventual goal of achieving a cultural change in research data management at daily practice. She is also the Community Manager of TU Delft’s Data Champions initiative.

Graham Addis

Talk: Research Data Management Using Open Source Off The Shelf Tools

Bio: Graham has spent decades within industry working on international projects for large multinationals. This has allowed him to gain experience in many, varied, information technology related tools, processes and practices in multi-cultural environments around the world. Some of the countries he has worked in include: Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, USA, China etc. picking up some of the languages along the way.

He has worked in various industry sectors, including: telecoms, financial, intelligent transport systems, medical research and bioinformatics. Currently Graham is working at the University of Oxford's IT-Learning Centre, which allows him to pass on his knowledge and experience to people who are keen to learn.

Augusto Anguita Ruiz

Talk: X chromosome genetic data in a Spanish children cohort, dataset description and analysis pipeline.

Bio: Augusto Anguita Ruiz holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a Masters in Translational Research and Personalized Medicine from the University of Granada. He is the co-founder of Novgen SL, a start-up focused on genomic and health 2.0, and is currently hired as a pre-doctoral fellow by the Institute of Health Carlos III and completing is in his second year of a Ph.D. focusing on Childhood Obesity Genetics 

Georgia Aitkenhead

Talk: Participatory Science to Empower: Building a Citizen Science Platform

Bio: Georgia is a research associate at The Alan Turing Institute currently collaborating with the UK autism research charity Autistica to build an open source, citizen science platform investigating sensory processing and navigating environments. She previously worked on the government’s data, digital and technology fast stream, where she rotated across multiple government departments, most recently at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She have also worked in occupational psychology. She holds a BA from Oxford in English literature and an MA from Cambridge, also in English literature.

Connie Clare

Talk: ‘Open Science’ opens doors: How #Scidata18 helped me unlock career opportunities

Bio: Connie Clare is a PhD student in Developmental Biology at the University of Nottingham. After winning last year’s ‘Better Science through Better Data’ Early Career Researcher writing competition, Connie would like to share her personal story of how attending #Scidata18 enabled her to unlock exciting career prospects and further her professional development. She has recently completed her 3-month internship at Delft University of Technology where she has been publishing articles to promote the work of TU Delft’s Data Champions and learning how to effectively engage researchers with research data. She hopes to inspire other early career researchers to consider exploring career avenues within the field of Open Research. 

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