How are researchers using Open Data in 2019?

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We were delighted to partner again with Digital Science on the fourth annual report examining attitudes and experiences of researchers working with open data.

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The State of Open Data 2019

The 2019 survey results show that while most trends are encouraging around the adoption and acceptance of open data, the research community is now demanding more enforcement of the mandates that have been adopted by many governments, funders, publishers and institutions around the world.

Key findings 

  • 79% of 2019 respondents were supportive overall of a national mandate for making primary research openly available
  • 67% of respondents think that funders should withhold funding from, or penalise in other ways, researchers who do not share their data if the funder has mandated that they do so  
  • 69% of respondents think that funders should make the sharing of research data part of their requirements for awarding grants 
  • 36% of respondents expressed the concern that their data may be misused if it was shared 
  • 42% of researchers would be encouraged to share their data if it resulted in a co-authorship

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Isabel Roth

Marketing Manager, Springer Nature