5 lightning talks exploring the impact of FAIR

What has been the impact of the FAIR data principles?
5 lightning talks exploring the impact of FAIR

In these lightning talks, researchers and research data experts share their responses and experiences relating to three key themes: 

  • Demonstrating the impact of the FAIR principles
  • Fair access to research data infrastructure
  • Supporting roles for FAIR data

Watch here:

Building FAIR & open research data repositories in Brazil: the case of FAPESP COVID Datasharing/BR - Claudia Bauzer Medeiros, Coordination of eScience and Data Science program – FAPESP Institute of Computing – University of Campinas Brazil

PRISMs supporting FAIR data - Dr Louise Chisholm, Strategic Research Coordinator (UCL eResearch Domain), Office of Vice-Provost Research

FAIR but not OPEN: getting researchers on board - Dr Antica Culina, NIOO-KNAW & SPI-Birds

Open Scientific data: infrastructure at University of São Paulo, Brazil - Fátima L. S. Nunes, University of São Paulo Dean’s Office for Research, Information Technology Superintendence

FAIR and TRUST – two sides of the same coin - Mustapha Mokrane, Policy Advisor and Project Manager at DANS. Co-lead FAIRsFAIR Project

The lightning talks were presented Better Research Through Better Roundtable, November 2020.

Photo by Jorge Rojas on Unsplash

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