A Week of Lovin' on Data

This year we recognized Love Data Week with a series of blog posts on The Source from researchers themselves.
A Week of Lovin' on Data

We asked several researchers who participated in our Better Science Through Better Data event to reflect on the importance of 'data in everyday life,' this year's Love Data Week theme. I think the tone of these pieces is really refreshing and we were happy to work with such passionate and enthusiastic researchers. If you haven't had a chance to explore this content, links are included below.

Love Data Week 2019 recap from The Source 


Data needs people. People don't need data.

Why we need to focus on what data can help us do, and the people who help us achieve it.


There is no such thing as too esoteric for the Internet (and other reasons to publish your data)

A researcher discusses how he benefits personally and professionally from people's willingness to share information online.


Our Top 5 Articles on Data Topics

A round-up of the most-read content from Springer Nature's Research Data Community.


Let's be Open about Data Sharing

A PhD student empowers her fellow early career researchers to share their data or code despite fear of failure or others finding mistakes in their work.