How to embed a video

Do you have relevant video content you would like to include in your post? Here’s how

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For example, have you made a video abstract of your paper or a summary video of how you conducted the research? Do you have supplementary files that help explain your post?

You have two options for video content – either upload your video file as a video post or embed video from another platform into a standard post. This post explains embedding videos into a regular community post. 

Here is how to add, or embed, video content into a community post:

1. First, host your video on a sharable platform like YouTube or Vimeo.

2. Login to the community, and click on the pencil icon to create a post.

3. Select Post as the content type. (You will see another content type: Video. This is for uploading videos to the community).

4. Write your post as normal, including a Title, Introduction and Content. Don’t forget a Poster Image and to select the appropriate Channel.

5. When you are ready to add you video, go to the platform it is hosted on and right click on the video to copy the embed code.

6. Place the text cursor where you would like the video to appear. Click on the video button on the content tool bar and paste the embed code into the pop-up box.

7. Alternatively, select HTML and paste the embed code at the location you want.

Tip: Before publishing your post with video content, save a draft and preview it to check video positioning, and edit if necessary.

Ruth Milne

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature