Love Data Week 2018

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Love Data Week 2018

This week is Love Data Week 2018! Love Data Week is an event aimed at raising awareness around research data and provides the research community a way to engage on topics related to research data management, sharing, preservation and reuse. Throughout the week researchers, librarians, institutions and other interested parties share practical tips, resources, and stories to help anyone working with research data to use good data practices. The event is mainly online (although there are a number of in-person events happening around the world) and you can use #lovedata18 to follow along, join in and find out more on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

To help support Love Data Week 2018 we wanted to highlight some of the free resources we have available, as well as some of the ways in which we can help people make the most of their research data.

Infographics, posters and images - we have a growing store of visual pieces on research data, which you can freely use to spread the word about research data:

Videos - we have hours of free videos from researchers, librarians, editors and other research data experts providing insights into how to collect, manager, enhance and share data:

Presentations and slides - loads of presentations on sharing research data and good data management, including many real examples of these in practice:

Blogs - we publish blogs from researchers (at all stages of their career), authors, editors and others covering a variety of topics around research data:

  • Data Dialogues is our blog series by research data experts from across the research community
  • Behind the Paper is a blog series through which authors tell the story of the data that underpinned published research

Ways researchers can share data - we have a number of services and journals that can help researchers make the most of the data they generate:

  • Research Data Support - an optional Springer Nature service available to researchers who have datasets they want to share, and make citable and findable. We provide a secure portal for data upload, and data and metadata are curated and improved by professional Research Data Editors.
  • Scientific Data – the leading open data journal from Nature Research. Publishing descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets, and research that advances the sharing and reuse of scientific data, Scientific Data welcomes submissions from a broad range of research disciplines, including descriptions of big or small datasets, from major consortiums to single research groups. 
  • Data notes - an article type available at BMC Research notes that briefly and concisely describe sound research data with the aim of increasing visibility and transparency, supporting the reuse of valuable research data and helping authors to comply with funder mandates on data sharing.

You can join this community to get automatic updates when we release new research data resources, as well as join in the conversation around research data - post your thoughts, ask questions, leave comments and become a part of the research data community!

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