#scidata17 lightning talks (session 2)

#scidata17 lightning talks (session 2)

All the slides from the second lightning talk session at Better Science through Better Data (#scidata17).

This session was entitled 'Tools and policies for Open Research explored' and gave demonstrations of researcher-led tools and policies that help in carrying out open research.


Pierre Montagano, Code OceanReproducibility and reuse of scientific code

Danielle C. Robinson, Code for Science & Society: Dat for research data management

Ulf Toelch, Freie Universität Berlin/BIH Center for Transforming Biomedical Research Berlin: Bottom up diffusion of open science practices through training of early career researchers

Yo Yehudi, InterMine - University of Cambridge: InterMine: open source success thanks to open data

Bruno Vieira, Queen Mary School of Biological and Chemical Sciences: Reproducible and reusable research powered by Nix

Michael Doube, The Royal Veterinary College, University of London Royal College: BoneJ: open source bone research software

Debbie Baines, ESA/ESAC, Quasar Science Resources: ESASky, simplifying the access to space astronomical data for all

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