Our new home for Research Data at Springer Nature

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The Research Data team at Springer Nature are here because we are passionate about making open data and good research data practice the new normal. We also know that the only way that will happen is if governments, funders, research institutions, publishers and researchers work together.

Our goal with this site is to host an ongoing conversation and collaboration. Events like #scidata17 bring the research community together to share progress, solutions, evidence for the benefits of research data management and data sharing. We hope that conversation and information sharing will continue here.

At Springer Nature we want to play our part in providing credit and solutions to encourage researchers to share data.  We’d like to share what we’re working on and thinking about, and as we gather evidence that makes the case for better data practice, we’ll share it here. We hope that you will do the same.

Please come and join the conversation here, and let’s work together to put in place the solutions, support and incentives researchers need to manage, share and reuse data. 

I look forward to talking with you.

Grace Baynes

VP, Open Science Alliances, Springer Nature

I lead on Springer Nature's approach to alliances with the research community, to speed the transition to open science and open research by working together. Interested in all aspects of open science. I've spent  over twenty years in publishing, sixteen of those working in open research, joining open access publisher BMC in 2003, and since then in roles at Nature Publishing Group and now Springer Nature. Prior to my secondment I led Springer Nature's research data strategy, policy and product development.