Presentation: Sharing research data: what publishers want authors to know

Dr. Rebecca Grant, Research Data Manager, Springer Nature

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In this presentation, Dr. Rebecca Grant, Research Data Manager at Springer Nature, provides an introduction to good practice in research data sharing, describing the drivers and relevant policies, benefits to researchers, and tips and guidance for getting started. 

Beginning with an overview of the context for research data management, we examine why it has become increasingly important, and how good practice can benefit researchers.

Focusing on publisher and journal policies, we discuss how authors currently choose to share their data, and the pros and cons of each approach. We then explore the use of data repositories in further depth, providing guidance on selecting the best repository for your data, and the benefits you can expect from sharing data in this way.

About the speaker

Dr. Rebecca Grant is Research Data Manager at Springer Nature, where she contributes to projects and services which support research data management and sharing, including the implementation of standard research data policies across Springer Nature journals. She leads the development of research data training as part of Nature Research Academies, and she is a qualified data trainer certified by the Open Data Institute. Her doctoral thesis explored the connections between archival theory and research data management practice.

This presentation was organised by Springer Nature’s Catherine John, in response to researcher feedback.

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