Infographic: Types of research data

An infographic highlighting the varied different types of files that can be considered 'research data'.

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Jan 04, 2018

This infographic highlights that research data can be many different things - it's not just spreadsheets and it's not just code! It's a whole myriad of files that can be created through research...essentially all outputs that are not a research publication!

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Mathias Astell

Marketing Manager, Springer Nature

After years working in HE colleges and then book publishing (at Penguin Random House), I moved over to academic publishing at SAGE Publications in 2013 to take on the promotion of a suite of >50 journals, covering a variety of subject areas. I started at Nature Research in the summer of 2015 managing the marketing for the world's biggest academic journal, Scientific Reports, and Nature Research's leading open data journal, Scientific Data, as well as being involved in various company-wide data and open access projects. In October 2017, I moved to take on the responsiblity for the marketing of Springer Nature's new research data products and services.

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